Buyer Protection

What Buyer Protection Means


Generally, Gate2Buy's buyer protection is a promise to customers that Gate2Buy ( will interfere with disputes between buyers and sellers to resolve a conflict in cases where the seller has failed to act adequately to resolve the dispute. When using a credit card as payment method there will not be and payment done to the supplier until after a possible dispute has been settled.


The Dispute system

At Gate2Buy you are protected via the dispute system . Upon receipt of the goods, the Customer has 3 days to approve the receipt and subsequently 5 days to inspect and finally approve the goods. If the quality is not in accordance with the product description, the customer can create a "Dispute" and thereby start the negotiation of any price reduction or return of goods. Once all parties are satisfied, the goods receipt is approved, and the supplier will then receive payment for the item (s)


When paying with a credit card, payment is not made between customer and supplier before the customer has accepted the goods received, and/or deductions have been agreed as part of the dispute. Payment via a Bank transfer is outside Gate2buys's area of ​​responsibility is at the buyer's own risk.

When a dispute exist, the buyer usually creates a dispute that states the following requirements:


• Full or partial return of the purchase price and freight amount without return of item (s)

• Full or partial return of the purchase price and freight amount with return of item (s)

• Full or partial return of the unsatisfactory item to the seller


In rare cases, the buyer may not be required to return the item to the seller but will be refunded anyway.

If the dispute falls into the buyer's favor, Gate2Buy assumes responsibility for recovering 1) any money outstanding from the seller and refunding the amount


Buyers are entitled to a buyer protection claim as long as :

• The purchase is made on the website

• Paid through using the credit card

• Made a purchase that is not specifically excluded from protection

• The buyer is in good faith with regard to the purchase


Buyer protection is not an "unconditional warranty" refund policy.

To win a dispute, Gate2Buy must believe that the buyer basically did not get what was paid for. Some examples that may surprise buyers are:


• If you purchased a standard product, which was delivered on time and basically the same as other products of the same brand/model, Gate2Buy will not refund it because it turns out that you

are very dissatisfied with the product.

• Likewise, a product that is inexpensive and generally acknowledged to be poor in quality is unlikely to be refunded even if the objection is submitted within the first 8 days of receipt.

• A used item purchase is rarely refunded even though it was originally a high quality branded product.


It is worth noting that goods that arrive very late and  in a condition that does not match the description, with obvious injuries or deficiencies not mentioned in the description, are generally covered.


It is important to emphasize that Gate2buy's protection of buyer's monetary claims will only apply to credit card use. This is because credit card payments are initially reserved on the buyer's credit card, allowing Gate2buy to withhold any amounts. Although the buyer has not paid by credit card, the dispute system as well as Gate2buys handling of a dispute will be the same. It is important to read our entire policy carefully, because there are very specific and significant limitations to the repayment policy and depending, among other things, on the payment method. But generally, Gate2Buy will ensure that buyer protection is available and the claim is enforced in relation to the seller. The seller must follow the instructions of Gate2buy, otherwise the seller may be excluded from the trading platform.


How the Buyer Protection Program works

To take advantage of the protection program, the buyer who believes they are entitled to a refund must do the following:

• First, create an Dispute to the seller and try to solve the problem without interference from Gate2Buy.

• Contact Gate2Buy within 10 days of initial dispute if it cannot be resolved directly

• Respond to messages and necessary actions by Gate2Buy when processing the case

• Return the item to the seller if Gate2Buy requires this step


Once Gate2Buy has been contacted and when the process is started, Gate2Buy will remain in contact with both the buyer and the seller and ask questions or request proof of claim.

For this reason, there is more to buyer protection than just knowing how to submit a claim. It is also important to be precise in the description if you want to be sure of receiving a refund.


How buyer protection differs from credit card disputes

As a final step, buyers who cannot win a Gate2Buy buyer protection case may in some cases investigate whether their credit card issuer is willing to refund the purchase price via a credit card dispute. Credit card companies have a clear buyer orientation. In addition, the credit card companies have a protection policy, by default, on the assumption that "the customer is always right". On the other hand, credit card disputes typically take much longer to process and often require much more intensive communication from the buyer to document the case.


1 Applies only to credit card purchases