How to Shop

Purchase process on Gate2Buy

 The purchase process begins with a request to purchase, which will create a purchase request to the supplier. The supplier will then be able to change the predefined standard terms (price, payment condition, etc.) for a given product or service in accordance with the agreement with the customer. Once the relevant terms of the transaction are adjusted to the purchase request, the buyer is requested to approve the change through the notification system, after which the supplier can finally create the purchase order. After the purchase order has been established, the customer's shopping basket is updated, and the final order is ready for 'check out' and payment reservation (if credit card is used as payment method).

When the order has changed status to 'paid', the suppliers will start shipping the order and then update the order status to 'shipped’, updating the order with the 'tracking number'.

The customer now has the opportunity to follow the item via the internal tracking system and approve receipt of the item within 3 days after delivery has taken place.

The customer then has a further 5 days to inspect and finally approve the the item(s) received. If the quality is not in accordance with the description or of the product the customer can create a dispute and hereby initiate negotiations of possible price-reduction or return of the item. When all parties are satisfied, the goods receipt is accepted, and the supplier receives payment for the item(s)